What is the right job for me

Some times it would be a hard question to know what job or career is the right one for us. Considering my abilities, talent, thoughts and past habits, I am not surely able to express which job is exactly what I can afford of, So I think as I am good at solving complex problems and doing mathematics well, the computer programming is one of my desired works I like to do. , I am also professional at physical activities and did many sports like Swimming, Gymnastic and Taekwon-Do. Being and international coach is also the duty which would be suitable for me according to my previous experiences.

Finally, when I deeply thing about jobs and my future career, self employee and having my own business is my aspired job which I feel free in, because I enjoy trying more hours during the day to deal with problems and big projects instead of going to an office, sitting at a desk during official hours and come back home everyday without any progress and risk.

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